ZZ Language

by Wes64
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This is a full-fledged programming language built inside of Scratch. It offers many quick options, like python.

The language is not case sensitive, and uses prefix notation. A typical command is written like this: commandname arguments, where all the arguments are separated by spaces. Try this: add 4 5.

You can get a list of procedures by using this: sort join kw pr

There is a built-in help system. Choose any item from this list of procedures and put apostrophes on either side. Then, use this code: help 'commandname'. Try help 'add', for example.

Notes and Credits

DOCUMENTATION: http://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/80752

Glitches are known but manageable and can be worked around. Do not make overly complicated single-line programs because they are extremely difficult to get the syntax right on.

If you discover a syntactically correct program that fails, please post the code in the comments so I can fix the glitch. Note: SYNTACTICALLY CORRECT! Make sure you are using the procedures the right way first.

Inspirations: TI-83 programs, Python

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