Make Your Own Oreos!

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Flavors: (Idea by @Angelflower0)
Tropical Island: Pineapple cookie, banana creme, and coconut sauce.
The Classic: Regular cookie, vanilla creme, and no sauce.
Summer Day: Watermelon cookie, pear creme, and lemon sauce.
Red Rover: Bacon cookie, cherry creme, and raspberry sauce.
Sunflower: Mint cookie, banana creme, and lemon sauce.
Om Nom's Favorite: Chocolate cookie, hot cocoa creme, and dark chocolate sauce.
A Winter Morning: Bacon cookie, hot cocoa creme, and apple sauce.
A Cup of Hot Cocoa: Chocolate cookie, hot cocoa creme, and no sauce.
Fruit Salad: Watermelon cookie, grape creme, and apple sauce.
Cherry Berry Cookie: Strawberry cookie, cherry creme, and rasberry sauce.
Chocolate Covered Bacon: Bacon Cookie, vanilla creme, and chocolate sauce.
Green Glee: Mint cookie, pear creme, and apple sauce.
Vanilla Victory: Vanilla cookie, vanilla creme, and vanilla sauce.
Red Cookie: Watermelon cookie, cherry creme and raspberry sauce.
Fruity Berry: Watermelon cookie, blueberry creme and raspberry sauce.
Sweet and Simple: Strawberry cookie, vanilla creme, coconut sauce.
Fun in the Sun: Watermelon cookie, cherry creme, and apple sauce.
Thin Mint: Mint cookie, chocolate creme, and chocolate sauce.
Bacon Double Chocolate: Bacon cookie, hot cocoa creme, dark chocolate sauce.
The Lemon Bacon: Bacon cookie, hot cocoa creme, and lemon sauce.
Heaven: Chocolate cookie, cherry creme, and coconut sauce.
Green Supreme: Mint cookie, pear creme and apple sauce.
USA: Bacon cookie, blueberry creme and vanilla icing.
Flaming Oreo: Bacon cookie, canteloupe creme and orange sauce.
Fruity Punch: Watermelon cookie, banana creme and apple sauce.
Summer Fruit: Watermelon cookie, cherry creme and raspberry sauce.
Winter Paradise: Pineapple cookie, vanilla creme and coconut sauce.
German Delight: Mint cookie, hot cocoa creme and dark chocolate sauce.
The Murder Mystery: Regular cookie, hot cocoa creme and raspberry sauce.
Neon Paradise: Pineapple cookie, pear creme, and raspberry sauce.
Snowy Bacon: Bacon cookie, blueberry creme, and vanilla sauce.
Strawberry Milkshake: Strawberry cookie, vanilla creme, and vanilla sauce.
Sweet and Sour: Pineapple cookie, blueberry creme, and lemon sauce.
Light Fruit Cookie: Vanilla cookie, banana creme, orange sauce.
Very Berry: Strawberry cookie, blueberry creme, raspberry sauce.
Nyan's Delite: Bacon cookie, blueberry creme, dark chocolate sauce.
CHRISTMAS: Mint cookie, cherry creme, vanilla sauce.
Hanukkah: Pineapple cookie, blueberry creme, lemon sauce.

Notes and Credits

Inspired by all the make your own games circling around. I hope you like it! Feel free to comment flavors! Press space to take a bite!

Featured on 1.24.15 thank you all!

• Tropical Island flavor idea by @Angelflower0
• Red Rover and Sunflower flavor ideas by @PartyPuppy7649
• Om Nom's Favorite flavor idea by @Kittykid05
• A Winter Morning flavor idea by @RandomAppleSoda04 (name by @ProfessorMaddog)
• A Cup of Hot Cocoa, Fruit Salad, Chocolate Covered Bacon, Green Glee and Vanilla Victory were suggested by @GoldenGuppy17
• Cherry Berry Cookie flavor idea by @Julish
• Red Cookie flavor idea by @Khione
• Fruity Berry flavor idea by @Meowpaws1000
• Sweet and Simple and Fun in the Sun flavor ideas by @japanblossom
• Thin Mint flavor idea by @MasterTurtle7
• Bacon Double Chocolate flavor idea by @ToadAwesome12
• The Lemon Bacon was suggested by my cousin.
• Heaven was my other cousin.
•Green Supreme and Flaming Oreo were suggested by @Monstertrap07
• USA was suggested by @Omt04
• Fruity Punch was suggested by @TheWaffle11
• Summer Fruit and Winter Paradise were suggested by @frosting101
• German Delight was suggested by @germanengland03
• The Murder Mystery flavor idea was by @DigitalFly
• Neon Paradise and Snowy Bacon were suggested by @ykaosr
• Strawberry Milkshake was suggested by @ProfessorMaddog
• The Sweet and Sour flavor idea was suggested by @mateo_collado11
• Very Berry and the Light Fruit Cookie were suggested by @monstermash3
• Nyan's Delite was suggested by @ScratchTheWolf
• CHRISTMAS flavor idea was suggested by @BlueWolfy45
• Hanukkah flavor idea was suggested by @ProfessorMaddog

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