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More than 8 months ago, @qwertyNG & @ultimatechewbacca decided to make an OS unlike any other Scratch OS. They wanted it to have amazing graphics, scripting, and apps. They planned to revolutionize every aspect the of Scratch OS. Now, 5 previews, 3 front-pages, and more than 8 months later, it is finished. @qwertyNG and @ultimatechewbacca are proud to present Pi-OS.

-------------------------IMPORTANT FEATURES--------------------------
1) Drag the sliders up and down with your cursor to pick a color, then drag your cursor on the white-ish rectangle to draw.
2) Click the eraser button to activate eraser mode and then click it again to go back to paint mode.
3) Click the middle button to switch to grid mode (Click the color on the grid that you want then draw with it) then click it again to switch back to slider mode.
4) Click the clear button to clear all.

1) Click the grid to create a note of the selected instrument.
2) Click the note and then click it again in a different spot to move the note.
3) Click the eraser button and then a note to erase the note.
4) Click the arrow buttons to move the grid (The grid is a massive 8*64 and cannot fit in the screen).
5) Click any of the four left most buttons to use a different instrument slot.
6) Use the top slider on the right to change the instrument selected for that instrument slot.
7) Use the bottom slider on the right to change the volume of that instrument slot.
8) Click the trash button to clear all.

1) Click on the song titles to play that song.
2) Click the shuffle button to start/end shuffle mode. If a song is playing when you click the shuffle button then shuffle mode will activate as soon as that song is done.
3) Click the pause button to stop the song.
4) Click the play button to start the song over.
5) Click the skip/skip-back buttons to play the next/previous song.

1) Instructions are shown in the loading screen.
2) Press the 'p' key to pause.

1) Wait until the microphone icon appears and then click it.
2) Type what you want to say and then press the up arrow to send it.

When you create a drum note in PiTunes, the drum sound it makes depends on which horizontal row it's in.
When you exit PiTunes, YOU CAN STILL LISTEN TO YOUR SONG! Move your cursor to the bottom of the screen and click the arrow button that appears. That is a menu that allows you to play, pause and go back to the beginning of your song. If you are playing a game, the menu is built in to the pause menu. This menu also controls PiPod.

Notes and Credits

All scripts and apps by @qwertyNG.
Graphics by @ultimatechewbacca.

We would like to thank @Unrealisation for the original OS project that inspired us, everyone on Scratch for supporting us, and @ProfessorMaddog for helping us along by curating the preview for PiDraw.

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