Pen Text Engine

by djpro
See inside

Press that green flag.

Don't faint from shock.

Press the heart and star.

Notes and Credits

Please use with credit.

After making my old one, I realised that it was too laggy. I then realised that pen text engines, like those of @CodeLegend , @Noroz and @ProdigyZeta7 were smooth and had little lag. So, I made one myself!

-Supports every single character on a standard keyboard.
-Letter and word wrapping
-Instant and super quick
-Bold, italics, underline and capslock

Things that might be added
-Different directions
-Centred text
-Centred y-axis
-Outline, shadow and 3D custom blocks (as demonstrated in the thumbnail)
-More characters?
-Width and height of characters
-Character and line spacing

Thumbnail made completely using my text engine.

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