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Simply hook up some fake wires from your computer to a person, and put your mouse somewhere you can get at it, but they can't see. Then what you do, is turn on this fake lie detector, and start asking them questions.The trick is, that the wires don't actually do anything. They just make it look real. What causes the fluctuations is you secretly scrolling the mouse wheel. It 'measures' 3 things: Breathing rate (red), perspiration (green) and heart rate (blue). Click the power button to do a real- looking shut down, and the spark button to reset all. The green meter is volume, and the red is the 'amount of lying' or the position of your wheel! There is that typical beep-beep for the heart rate monitor. Try putting it to a normal rate, then scrolling right down to zero: There's that infamous beep- beep- beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, and the heart rate turns to a straight line! Have fun with it!

Note that the wheel doesn't work online. you'll have to use the up & down arrows.

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