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-------------------★ Frequently Asked Questions ★-------------------
Q - Can you draw _____ for me?
A - I don't take requests, sorry! You're welcome to use any of my existing drawings though as long as you credit me.

Q - What do you use to draw?
A - For vector art I use Scratch and Adobe Illustrator. Sometimes I post drawings and digital paintings, most of which are drawn on my iPad pro with an Apple Pencil in the app ProCreate

Q - How long have you been drawing?
A - Since I was very little (around preschool I guess?) but I got very invested in art when I was about 10

Q - Follow me? / Follow for follow?
A - I don't follow on request, I prefer to follow people by choice

Q - How did you choose your username?
A - My older sister came up with it many years ago

Q - Can you give me username ideas?
A - I'm actually really bad at coming up with usernames, my sister came up with mine!

Q - Can we art trade?
A - Sorry but I'm too busy right now, check back another time!

Q - Can I use the music/scripts/drawings?
A - Sure, just remember to give credit. The music is never made by me so be sure to credit the actual musician

Q - Can you give me art tips?
A - Not really lol. If you have a specific question though feel free to ask!

---------------------------★ My Accounts ★---------------------------

Main - @ipzy
Old Sides/Inactive - @niubun, @TeacupTrinkets
Supah old - @nutalie23 (my account from when I was 11 ; 3 ; )

I'm not active on all these sites, but this is basically everything I'm on
Instagram - @rosa.bee
YouTube - youtube.com/RosabeeArt
Etsy - etsy.com/shops/RosabeeArt
Tumblr - rosa-bee.tumblr.com
DeviantArt - meloedy.deviantart.com
Neopets - neopets.com/userlookup.phtml?user=pukkuri
Goatlings - goatlings.com/profile/u/11091

----------------------------★ My Favorites ★----------------------------
Foods: pad thai, tom kha, drunken noodles, thai yellow curry, chow fun (w/ black bean sauce), carne asada tortas and tacos, beef taquitos, hamburgers, chips and salsa, ben & jerrys boom chocolatta (i have a lot of favorite foods okay)

Shows: steven universe, parks & rec, gravity falls, a:tla, legend of korra (i mostly just watch cartoons lol)

Movies: kiki's delivery service (and like every ghibli movie), kimi no na wa, tinker bell, jurassic park, moonrise kingdom, legally blonde

Some musical artists I like:
ricky montgomery
in love with a ghost
the beatles
alabama shakes
kimya dawson
david bowie
joe hisashi

-------------------------------★ Credits ★-------------------------------
The song is by In Love With A Ghost and is called "i was feeling down then i found a nice witch and now we're best friends"

All art is by me

The font is called baby fox

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