Technicolor Dreamportal

remixed by fallscumulus
See inside

Watch. It gets really weird after a while.
M to mute music.
I to change direction.
Tread carefully if you have epilepsy.
Tread carefully if you're using turbo mode, regardless of whether you have epilepsy or not. :P

Notes and Credits (added by fallscumulus)

Let me see... I made pretty much none of the scripts in here; just the music and the automatic pattern change. All the rest come courtesy of @peregrine and the miracle of sine and cosine functions. Thank you, Taylor series! Serieses? Sereseses.

Music is from the water level of Sonic Colors. Thanks to @martinclaudia789 for the ID!

Trivial Scratch fact of the project: if you right click on a broadcast block, you can see what other sprites send or receive that message!

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