Bring Froggy home

See inside

Bring Froggy home by helping him make his way down the river.
Instructions are inside the game. Good luck!

I appreciate all the nice comments, likes, favorites and advice!

Featured on the frontpage between January the 8th and the 12th 2015. Thank you Scratch team and thanks to everybody for playing my game!


Nederlandstalige versie is hier te vinden:

Notes and Credits

I also made a LEGO edition of this game, which can be found here:

This LEGO edition has a NEW TRACK and in this new game you can choose the speed yourself. Please help Froggy find his friend Sunny.

Both games are my own version of a nice game of @TheCrossys:

Thanks to the Scratch team for the new, nice dance music loops.

Thanks to @deck26 and @drmcw for solving the problem with the tick! Thanks to @linklink and @sudux for recommending putting two bars on the screen, one on the top and one on the bottom overlapping the scrolling layers to prevent seeing the backgrounds all mashed together. Thanks to @vcap69 for the idea of the sad face at the game over screen. Thanks to my daughter for suggesting the tear. Thanks to @merren2306 for giving me advice about which code to use best when you want to introduce a try again button.

Drawings all by me, except Scratch Cat. Thanks to everyone who made a tutorial about drawing in the vector mode. That helped me a lot to learn it.

For the scrolling text I looked at this project:

@haras5 gave me the idea to use Scratch cat like in this project.

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