Complex Contraction Map

by tonagai
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Please use turbo mode (Green flag+SHIFT key).
You can change 4 complex parameters (a,b,c,d).
f0(z)=a*z+b*Conj(z) (a=ax+i*ay, b=bx+i*by)
f1(z)=b*(z-1)+d*(Conj(z)-1) +1 (c=cx+i*cy, d=dx+i*dy)
1st step : z0=0
2nd step : f0(z0),f1(z0)
3rd step: f0(f0(z0), f0(f1(z0)), f1(f0(z0)), f1(f1(z0))
4th step: ....

Notes and Credits

Computer in Physics (Kyoritsu) by R.Hayano and T.Takahashi.

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