Cloud list compression!

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Notes and Credits

1. Hit "Clear list" and then "Write to list" to enter your own list values
2. Hit "Send to cloud" to send your list to the cloud
3. Hit "Receive from cloud" to get the current list from the cloud
4. DO NOT use this as a chat. This is meant to be a demo/test only. I cannot be held responsible if this is used as a chat.

I recently discovered that cloud data supports hexadecimal numbers!
This project uses hexadecimal cloud variables to encode lists in a more compressed way. It supports all alphanumeric characters and handles caps correctly. However, instead of using the traditional method of 2 base 10 digits per character, this uses 6 bits of a hexadecimal number, and leaves the next 2 bits as part of the next letter. This offers space savings of around 20-30%, increasing as you encode more data!

Feel free to backpack the scripts, just be aware that I split the code into a lot of custom blocks and it's really messy. Maybe you should download this project to your computer if you want to use it. Make sure to give me credit please!

Next step: somehow implement DEFLATE. That would be pretty swaggy...

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