SPD: bitmap vs vector

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MORE SPEEDTESTS: http://scratch.mit.edu/studios/795672/
This is it! - The one you've always wanted! :)
Which is faster? Which should I use? Vector...? Bitmap...?

The answer is actually not so simple - it really depends on how complicated the vector costume is and what you're doing...

Basically, the more elements a vector costume contains, the longer it will take to perform operations (esp. switch, rotate, ghost).
Very simple vector costumes are actually a bit *quicker* than the equivalent bitmap! However, it doesn't take much for vector to become slower.

In the end, I guess you have to decide for yourself, in each project and for each costume, whether the extra quality from using vector will be worth the slowdown it could cause.

NOTE: I've only used ghost effect here in order to avoid the newer Stage3D player - this is all the original player.

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