Google Loader 2 [pen]

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Notes and Credits

This is my attempt at re-re-creating Google's throbber/loader using pen. I ended up writing a custom block that draws a semicircle row by row in any direction, feel free to use that for whatever (with credit of course).

Check out my first stab at this:

• You can sometimes see the background poking out from behind the semicircles (especially at high radii, but even as low as 15). The size of the background and semicircles deviate a lot at a radii above 130

• 12/24/14 - added pen size slider to options
• 12/24/14 - increased pen size slightly to minimize streaks from rounding errors when rotation isn't a multiple of 90° (thanks @-Cubuc- for the idea) - update: pen size just rounds to the nearest whole number :(
• 12/24/14 - fixed rotation for angles that aren't multiples of 90°
• 12/24/14 - customizeable
• 12/24/14 - added code to rotate semicircles (instead of separate code for horizontal and vertical ones). It's a lot of trig, but the code is far less long and ugly
• 12/23/14 - shared

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