ScratchU8 VS A Cat

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Alright, so here's another project I made in Scratch 1.4 a few years ago. It's a short and rather simple turn-based battle, starring scratchU8 and NoxSpooth's Ordinary Cat that we all know and love! I capitalized scratchU8's username in the title because OCD.
So here's the story: One day scratchU8 was peacefully dancing on a platform. Then a giant cat walked up. Then it started bouncing up and down in a threatening manner. Our hero scratchU8 decides he will teach it a lesson using his amazing dance skills.
This is indeed the same cat from Yoohou - Final Feline, except it still has a body. I think. I was actually working on this long before Yoohou, but Yoohou was actually heavily inspired by this project. You could think of it as a prequel, just like Simple Dodge Game on my @SausagefanclubExtra account.
Just click on the options to do stuff. There's a help icon that will turn on tooltips for in-game help.
Be prepared to lose a few times, because it's very luck-based to be honest. There is still some strategy to it though.
If you win, you get cake!
This game is dedicated to scratchU8 and NoxSpooth, for being such awesome guys.
Happy 15th birthday, scratchU8! Happy 16th birthday, NoxSpooth! Hope you enjoy it!

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