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you are a mad scientist and you have developed a deadly pathogen that kills Gobos 4 times faster when they are infected. now, release it into the herds of Gobos to watch it spread. I guess, in this game, you are trying to encourage the disease, or kill off the Gobos. The goal would be I guess to make it so that all of the gobos are infected at some point. This does not use population dynamics (the gobo population always remains the same more or less, every time a gobo dies, ONE new gobo is born one second later.) Download and play around with the numbers, make the pack more or less densely populated, make the disease remain on the ground for longer, change the amount of randomness, change the amount of decrease in health for infected gobos and/or for healthy gobos, make them faster, make their angle of turning larger, change the amount of times they have to touch green, or you could change an aspect of the game, by introducing a new variable or something, multiple types of gobo, maybe even a population variable, that they have an age variable, and if they reach a certain point then they make 1 or 2 new gobos but if they are infected they die first, or you could have a resistance variable that makes them start out with less life but increases their resistance to the disease or something. Enjoy!

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