Level Editor

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Make levels and then share them as text!

Remember that a comment is maximum 500 characters. If your level data is longer than that, you will need to post it in multiple comments.
Reply to yourself so that it's easy to copy them back in the right order.

Notes and Credits

To whoever featured this. Thank you! But there are thousands of amazing projects made by people who actually login more than once every couple months... I'd give them priority if I were you ;)

12-12-14 : Made the platformer script that this is based on
12-16-14 : Shared this project
12-19-14 : Changed save system to row-length instead of bitmap
12-28-14 : Re-did buttons with Vector mode
12-28-14 : Fixed falling glitch
12-28-14 : Added bad data detection on load
8-19-15 : Split large levels into comments
8-19-15 : Load now ignores bad characters instead of failing
8-23-15 : Fixed loader again

Shared: 16 Dec 2014 Modified: 26 Dec 2017
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