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Decades have passed since we found other planets outside our solar system. Years since we found other solar systems. And yet, why did it take us until now to find another planet with life? That planet’s name is Jofores. Jofores is a very popular intergalactic tourist attraction.
Jofores is an amazing planet. Each day there are 24 hours, and the month is 40 days. And with 12 months, there is exactly 480 days in a year. It is 17 light minutes from the sun, Flare 12, and 6 light seconds in diameter. It has 5 major landforms which are: The Mobiüs Mountains, Waterfall Alley, Creatured Caves, The Great Geysers, and McDavid’s Craters. The major landforms attractions include: Mt Mobiüs, Wabbit Waterfall, G-force Geyser, Carter’s Cave, and Crater of Coolness. Wabbit Waterfall has water that flows as fast as lightning. All the water there is the freshest in the entire universe! There is no pollution whatsoever in Jofores because there there are animals that clean the air and water. The birds and other animals make the most beautiful sounds ever, like they would in the morning at Earth, but all day. The climate however, is not as amazing.
The climate there is two things: hot and freezing. There are 4 seasons: Heat, Hot Summer, Frost, and Cold Winter. The cold, dry air in Frost and Cold Winter leaves your mouth dry and begging for water. However, the hot, moist air in Heat and Hot Summer makes your mouth water. The temperature in Hot Summer is burning hot, and it feels like you are in a furnace. However, the temperature in Frost and Cold Winter are freezing as if you are in a freezer. The average temperature in Heat is 60℃, 80℃ in Hot Summer, -10℃ in Frost, and -30℃ in Cold Winter. Those diverse temperatures forced the native species to adapt to the temperature.
The culture and species there is basically like the world’s culture and people, just more evolved. Most of the Numahs(the native species) are smarter than Albert Einstein. The people are more evolved than humans, thus there are no robbers. The people of Jofores love and respect nature, and nature loves and respects them back. The animals of Jofores are as civilized as humans, and follow the rules. The Numahs have a world-wide democracy, because of the fact that they can travel between places very quickly and efficiently. All of the people there are Christian, and are very religious. There are two native languages, English and Davian. Traditional people use Davian, but it is not as widespread. The cities there are basically a united family, because the cities are very small because of the many rivers.
As you can now see, Jofores is obviously a very popular tourist planet. Jofores is an beautiful planet with a very diverse climate, and lifeforms even better than humans. Jofores is a planet very similar to Earth, but more evolved and civilized.

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