How to make a new block: (ifthen[]else[])

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Follow the steps in this project to make 2 new blocks: If a boolean is true, it reports the first value, else it reports the second. Im actually surprised, with the usefulness of this, and the relative shortness of the code that runs it, that MIT hasn't used it in scratch. Oh, well, now you can use it!

If you want to know how to add other blocks or features to scratch, leave a comment. I will make a tutorial as soon as I can. I am currently working on one for putting string inserters into logical comparison blocks, adding a factorial function to the functions block, adding an extras menu option to change the display depth, and more. All of the above are features of Streak, a version of scratch that I'm making. Due to unforseen bugs, v(1.3)0.0beta will never be released (although it's finished). I am currently working on v(1.3.1)0.1alpha. I'll let you know when it comes out!

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