Draw a snowflake V 2.3.8

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PLEASE read ALL of the notes/credits section :)
Press "r" for rainbow!
Press "r" again to stop rainbow mode!
Press "up arrow" or "down arrow" to change the color by 10 or -10 (accordingly)
Draw with the mouse (Hold down the click to draw, then let go to not draw :)) (it will create a snowflake after a while!)
Press "left or right arrow keys" to change the pen size by -1 or 1 accordingly :)
Press "v" to change the volume!
Press "space" for a snowy backdrop (or a black backdrop)!
Press "c" to clear!

Notes and Credits

Best snowflake maker: @cadidave
95000+ VIEWS!
4300+ Loves!
3700+ Favorites!
5500+ COMMENTS, I do read all of them, just so you guys/gals know!
Music by: Mr. Scruff
Music from: @Pharo2
Intro from: @AtomGamer
Pen size idea from: @Paranormalchicken
This information is from @ellie19: Alt+Print Screen, then open Paint and click Paste.
New backdrop from: @Thescratchking123
All black backdrop idea from: @jubjub24
Music from: @Thescratchking123
Snowy backdrop from: @skarface1231
Load button idea from: @Pharo2
Idea and some of the coding from: @deck26
Rainbow Idea from: @3006187
Manual changing idea from: @Firewhale
Save/load idea from: @niniobrien
This information from @Queen1932: control shift 4 to make a screenshot of the image!
My name in the intro from: @BeamAnimation
I have been seeing mean comments, if you see some, PLEASE REPORT THEM!
Featured: 12/8/2014-1/9/2015
Version 2.3.8:
Removed save feature, added symmetry!
Version 2.3.7:
Added my intro from @AtomGamer!
Version 2.3.6:
Pen size changer!
Version 2.3.5:
Added a new backdrop!
Version 2.3.4:
Added a black backdrop!
Version 2.3.3:
Changed the music!
Version 2.3.2:
Added a volume change option!
Version 2.3.1:
Added two songs!
Version 2.3.0:
Added a snowy backdrop
Version 2.2.9:
Added a load button!
Version 2.2.8:
Added a better save feature!
Version 2.2.7:
Changed the background
Version 2.2.6:
Added save/load data!
Version 2.2.5:
Added manual changing
Version 2.2.4:
Added a way to stop rainbow colors :)
Version 2.2.3:
Changed it so that it will only change color when the mouse is held down!
Changed the background to a more related background!
Version 2.2.2:
Changed the color changing amount
Changed the background image!
Version 2.2.1:
Changed the timing for color changing
Version 2.2.0:
Added rainbow snowflake option!
Version 2.1.0:
Added clear option
Version 2.0.0:

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