Pocket Frogs 3

remixed by NickyNouse
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To enter the pond, click on a frog and then the pond button. Navigate the pond by clicking on lily pads.
You'll start out with one frog, you can gain more by hopping onto presents in the pond or buying more at the FrogMart. You can also breed two tamed, mature frogs together and see what the baby will be.

Notes and Credits (added by NickyNouse)

This is the most recent update.

Here's a basic version of Pocket Frogs (the Nimblebit app we all know and love, so much credit to them) for Scratch.

• I figured out how to get resources directly out of the app. What that means is this version has far better graphics and audio.
• I also worked hard on optimizing the code. I've learned a lot about programming since the last update and now I can see why this ran so slowly. So many forever-loops where I could be doing something event- or broadcast-based
• No new features, but all the features you love should work smoothlier and more prittily than ever.

• Levels associated with different patterns
• Money system to buy or breed new frogs, rewarded for breeding certain combinations or hopping on gifts
• More possible gifts
• Mailbox to receive stuff after delay (or that might stink)
• Buy new backdrops and other stuff.
• Different habitats
• Sell/give away frogs ( @shortrose)
• Turn down [for what] a gift ( @shortrose)
• Make sure lilypads can't span atop each-other ( @Aquaflame)
• More patterns!
• Bigger babufrogs ( @sansca9552)

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