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This project records notes through the use of a list. At the bottom of the screen, there are five different pictures of notes. Select the note length you want, and click the note on the keyboard that you want. The note will be added to two lists, one for note length, and one for the note itself. Click the undo button to remove the last note which was played, and click the clear button to clear the lists. If you want to see the lists, click the "Show List" button, and click the "Hide List" button to hide the lists. The "Syncopation" button will make the notes value be multiplied by 1.5 (A dotted note). The tempo slider can be set from 60 to 500, and the instrument slider can be set from 1 to 128. Clicking the play button (The green triangle) will play your song. Modification is locked while the song plays, and when the song ends, the keyboard, note length selection, undo and clear buttons, and syncopation button will all reappear. As a side note, I'm working on a drumming program based on these scripts.

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