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This Music Transcriber V2 program is a tool for composing or transcribing music from sheet music for playing with my Christmas Jukebox project.

Entering Notes
Click on the Keyboard or the Scale to enter notes. Make sure the Record button is ON, otherwise you are just practicing the piece.

The current page of notes being displayed is shown in the variable at the bottom center of the display. The page number can be changed by clicking on the triangles surrounding it.

Current Note Functions
The current note number is displayed above the Notes list watcher.

The Red Triangle shows the location of the current note. If the current note is set to the middle of a series of notes, new notes entered will replace the current notes. If the current note is at the end of a series of notes, new notes will be added to the end of the piece. Change the current note by drag-and-dropping the Red Triangle or by simply clicking on the stage where you want it to be.

Up/Down Arrow Keys - Move the current note up or down the scale.

Left/Right Arrow Keys - Change the duration value of the current note.

Space Key - Play the current note and advance the current note to the right.

PLAY Button - Play from the current note until the end or the Play button is pressed again. The Space key will play the current note and move the current note to the right one.

DELETE Button - Delete the current note.

INSERT Button - Duplicate the current note inserting it at the current note position.

COPY Button - Copy the current note to the end of the Notes list and move the current note over to the right one place.

Other Functions
DELETE ALL Button -Eerase the entire Notes list. WARNING - use with care!

Technical Notes
The output from this program is the Notes list which contains musical note and note duration information. The format is the note number is to the left of the decimal point and the duration is to the right of the decimal point in 32's of a whole note. For instance a value of 52.32 means to play note 52 for a whole note duration while a value of 52.08 would mean to play the note for only a quarter note duration. Rests have a zero value to the left of the decimal. After you have used this program to make the list of notes, go into Development mode and Export the list by right-clicking on the list watcher. Then, the list can be imported into your project along with the music player sprite from one of my music projects, such as Merry Go Round.

You can also edit the notes directly in the Notes list in Development mode - I suggest you refresh by clicking on Green Flag if you do this. It is possible to make note durations that have no standard costume - these will appear as red quarter notes. They will play fine, but I have no costume for them.

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