Event Horizon (Game)

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e·vent ho·ri·zon
A theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape.
A point of no return.

Take control of a spaceship hurtling through space. You cannot slow down. You're past the Point of no Return. It'll only get faster from here...

Tips: Control the ship with your mouse. Make sure your mouse is not too close to the ship. Keep it towards the middle of the screen.
Be careful and deliberate
If you break the High Score, post it in the comments and I'll mention you in the project notes!
Oh, and be patient for the text to type out. ;)

Notes and Credits

Scripting: 100% @-TotallyEpic-
Artwork: 100% @-TotallyEpic-

Music is by Vexento

Try to beat the World High Score! In First Place now is:
...I'm not sure...
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