Speed Dot. the platformer DEMO

remixed by MiniWoofGaming
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Notes and Credits (added by MiniWoofGaming)

Instructions: Left/Right arrows to move. Press 1 to go back to the check point if a glitch has made you stuck. The rest of instructions are in game!

Meant to help @CuberX with his/her project! I figured I might just make it into a full project because I've never made a full platform scrolling game.

Oh noez!!! Bitmap!!!! Well, I encountered many problems like bobbing
with vector sprites for my stages so bitmap was the way to go. I tried to use vector when I could. I hope this doesn't make the visuals EXTREMELY bad. =D . Oh right, Gotta Go Sanic Fast!!!!

Other Notes:
- Made using the base of my Rise of the Bug project
- May take some time to load
- This is an extremely generous demo. Please don't comment when the full version is out and you don't think I added enough
- Many many many many many glitches! hope to fix them soon
- This is my FIRST scrolling platformer -yay-

If you are @CuberX, Please read this:
Hi. I hope you understand how this works. If not, just leave the script alone and make a few more levels. Feel free to play around with my code. I hope this helps! Are you OK if the final game isn't a remix? I will still cite you. If you are not ok with this, just tell me and I will copy this project so it will be a remix.

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