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DOWNLOAD FOR BETTER PERFORMANCE (sometimes it will glitch and you'll fall thru floor or jump wont work )

since the first RW episode is still in the making I've been using my free time to work on this

*move w/ arrow keys run with z and arrow keys
*read text with spacebar use items by clicking them
*use toka's abilities w/ C button
*jump w/ up arrow

A Ribble World Adventure Demo game starring Demo, the Ribble and Rukoo the Toka it still has a bit to finish before its done so heres a few tips;

1)stay close to your partner
2) HP recovers after each level
3)when u die it's gameover (continues havent been added yet- but you wont have a problem with that (alot of recovery items for demo))
4)if there's a talking bubble story wont progress until it's fully read

The story is barely beginning so when your done PRESS LOVE IT and enjoy the game and have patience ---ribbledude


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