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Works best in presentation mode. My target audience for this is anyone who has read the book and anyone who plans to read the book. This is based on the book The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. The music is "Outsiders" by Franz Ferdinand. You play Johnny Cade, a greaser (a member of the greaser gang) from the book.


This game has changed the book a little. For instance, in the first level, you are hopping on the train cars. In the book, Johnny and Ponyboy Curtis (another main character) hop inside of a train car to get to the church in Windrixville because Johnny killed a Soc, a member from the other gang. In my version, Ponyboy was able to hop inside a train car, but poor Johnny was too late so he had to jump and run on top of train cars that were going away from Windrixville until he reached Windrixville.



Before they left, Johnny and Ponyboy had to go to Dallas Winston, another greaser, to get money and a gun for living at the abandoned church in Windrixville. You can imagine that by the time Pony and Johnny got to Windrixville, they would be tired. So the next morning, Johnny went to the store to get supplies. You can't just live off of money and a gun, you know.

SECOND LEVEL INSTRUCTIONS: Click the arrows to go to the next shelf. Click the items that you see on the list in order to get them.

What happens next? Read the book.

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