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by -Jie-
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This project allows you to make your own animated GIF and export it outside of Scratch.
Most of the instructions are given in the project. When you copied the text, open a new tab in your browser (ctrl+T or Command+T for Mac users) and paste it in the address bar. Your GIF will appear and you can save it by right clicking on it and selecting "save as".

Don't share your copied text in the comments, it is too long and it will be cut, therefore useless.

Notes and Credits

- Update: no need to rely on a third party website anymore, you can see the gif directly in your browser and save it from there.
- I know the drawing interface is pretty basic, I wanted to focus on the GIF part. Feel free to remix if you want to enable more features.
- Sorry, I can't make the GIF too big, because I can't make the text variable as long as I want. This is the main reason for clamping the size at 50x50. Although I tested it up to 100x100 and it worked ok.

The full specification on how a GIF file is structured can be found in
The wikipedia articles about GIF and LZW compression were also very useful. Also the one about base64.

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