Throw and discover

by fizyk
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Throw the ball and discover... Try to hit a green point in two ways. I tell you if everything is discovered.

You can change the initial angle (alpha) relative to the horizontal ground by moving the mouse pointer. To throw the ball - click. Initial speed of the ball is fixed. Press space to exit.

This is the simulation of a projectile motion near the surface of the Earth, without the air resistance. Observe the angles for maximal range and height.

Notes and Credits

Wersja w j. polskim:

Units: m, s. The ball position changes every dt time interval. Variables:
alpha - angle of initial ball velocity relative to the horizontal plane,
alphaprec - unrounded alpha,
range - horizontal distance from the starting point,
height - vertical distance from the starting point,
sth-max - maximal value of sth reached so far,
sth-max-alpha - at this angle maximal value of sth was reached.

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