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by jlai
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Love it if you like the features :)
Please be specific with comments, if you can, and post your own project with your opinions.

For a class, I'm helping the Scratch team think about possible new communication features for the website. They haven't decided on anything yet. Whenever they get to the point of seriously considering options, they'll listen to any feedback you provide. Make your voice heard!

I've made a Scratch-screen cast of some possible features for the project page. Please leave comments and include some of your own ideas, whether through sketches and/or Scratch projects.

You can check out a 'live' version of this via the forum page. Join the discussion there too.

Thanks for your attention. We appreciate all the feedback!
<b>What were your motivations?</b>

I wanted to help other Scratchers navigate the website.

<b>What struggles did you have?</b>

I had to plan out each piece I wanted to talk about.

<b>What have your learned from this?
It's easy to teach others through Scratch!

<b>Other thoughts?</b>


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