☁Vector World [BETA v.]☁

by Tropic
See inside


1. Click on the green flag :)
2. Wait for it to start up.
3. Follow the instructions in-game :)

- W-A-S-D or arrow keys to move [COMING SOON]
- Q to mute (Q = Quiet, synonym for mute, will probably be changed to M in the future)
- Click on an apple to pick it up
- "O" key to open/close options/settings window
- "M" key to open/close menu window
- (BETA MEMBERS ONLY: Up arrow key for cheat codes)

Notes and Credits

!! This project will no longer be updated; working on remake !!
!! Please report bugs !!
NOTE: The web browser [Firefox, (Firefox Dev. Edition) or Waterfox] is recommended for smoother gameplay. If you're using chrome please disable PepperFlash, more information here: http://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/49160/ :)

- This project is a collaboration between the people found on this forum topic: http://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/46260/
- Miscellaneous credits:
* @Scratchteam for making Scratch and some sprites (Like Pico & Giga) in this project :)
- "New Day" from project "Open that chest!" by @shadowspear1
- "Risk" from project "TM_ Beats - Risk" by @TM_
- "Stay Inside Me" from the game "Geometry Dash" by DJVI
- "Jumper" from the game "Geometry Dash" by Waterflame
- "Demons" from the project "Demons" by @eLkStaLKeR
- "Requests" fom the project "FL Studio: My Music :D" by @BlazinDevilify
- "Radioactive Remix" from the project "Songs I made in FL studio" by @fredmaster45
- "The Truth" from the project "Songs I made in FL studio" by @fredmaster45
*"Vector World" font made by @Scratchteam
*Halloween pumpkin made by @BSH1
*x^x custom block made by @DadOfMrLog ( @TheLogFather), available in this project: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/16871883/

Updates will be posted in the forum topic:
Collaboration website:
http://tropical-productions.gwiddle.org/ [Currently not available :( ]
Collaboration Forum Topic:

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