Energy balance 1.5

by rpallan
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Press i for instructions and use the sliders to change the brightness of the sun, how reflective the planet is and how strong the atmospheric greenhouse effect is. The energy balance simulation calculates what the surface temperature of the planet should be.
What happens if you remove the atmospheric greenhouse effect or make the planet absorb all the suns rays? What is missing from the simulation (can you add in some more physics?).

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A simple energy balance simulation illustrating the effect of changes in the sun's brightness, the Earth's reflectivity of sunlight (albedo) and the atmospheric greenhouse effects (emissivity) on Earth's climate.
The arrows and their numbers depict the flows of energy in Watts per square metre: yellow is sunlight and red is thermal (infra-red) radiative energy (which is how Earth cools to space). This has been updated from Version 1.3 to split up the incoming, reflected and absorbed sunlight.

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