Zero Gravity

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Won 1st Place In 'Games By Teens' competition!

Don't play Grassland in full screen, it lags like crazy

Use the arrow keys to move
Press space when going through dialogue
Click on the world at the map

Grassland - This boss will kill itself if you survive long enough. Dodge the Cheetos he throws at you and wait for him to hit himself with the Cheetos.

Internet - Wait for the boss to throw a shield, and then grab it. Use it to hit a bomb back at the troll.

Oblivion - Wait for him to stop attacking you and he'll go underneath of you. Then jump on his head.

Gammastr20's latest game is finally out!

In this epic space game, you go to different planets to get the Doritos the aliens stole from you. Avoid the lava and jump on the trampolines to get you snack back!

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