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Name: Dusk

Gender: Male

Age: 100+, (He doesn't like saying his real age, so he often says "I've been alive for a while") looks 15-17

Alignment: Neutral

Species: Sky Spirit (Is in cat form)

Powers or weapons: Can fly like Aliza, but does not has air powers. Can create stars in the sky, but they only last for a night at the most. He can pluck a star from the sky to use as shurikens, but this ability is a night-only ability. He can also prevent people from seeing him if they are 10+ metres away.

Personality: A very soft spoken, quiet boy Dusk is very thoughtful and considerate but quite shy. When he was younger he was often referred to as "The Shadow Of The Night" by mobians who spotted him, due to his hidden and mysterious nature and his reluctance to join into any social activity. He often uses his invisibility power to avoid interaction with other mobians and has not interacted with another mobian for 50+ years until he met Aliza.

How they met Aliza (optional): Dusk first saw Aliza when she was flying in the night-time sky and after she commented on how beautiful a star he recently made was, Dusk felt strangely in love with her. Dusk would often make new stars whenever he knew Aliza would be around without her knowing, making constellations the shape of her gems or of other things she liked for her. However, one day Dusk was not watching his surroundings as he was creating another constellation for her and Aliza got too close, so she could see him. Aliza watched him for a while, realised it was him creating the constellations and decided to introduce herself. "Hi, I'm Aliza, Aliza The Hedgehog. Are you the one who was creating the gorgeous constellations?" Dusk put his head down and blushed for the first time in his life, "I.. I.. Um.. Y-y-yes..." He stuttered, "I-I'm sorry!" Aliza giggled, "Sorry? For what? The night-time sky has been so much cooler since you started doing it!" A while after chatting together every-night, Dusk being the socially awkward guy he is, instead of asking Aliza out in person, made a constellation that read "Aliza + Dusk = <3 ?" But will Aliza say yes?!!?!?!!!!!! THE PLOT THICKENS.

Other info (optional):

-Dusk is invisible in the day, and cannot interact with or be seen anyone else other than people he had spoken to or interacted with before in the night-time.

-If Aliza says yes, in the near future Dusk gives up his immortality to be with Aliza.

Notes and Credits (added by MissAquaAnime)

@RedEyedMedic : Aliza is her fc.

Song: Nightcore - Castle In The Sky

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