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edit 4/29/16
this project was made 3 years ago when i clearly didnt know that killing animals for their meat is semi-okay. but this was almost clear that it's about abusing animals for fun. for example, some people might just find a stray dog/cat and throw it around or against a wall just for fun, which is not ok

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edit 4/29/16
(this project was made 3 years ago, please stop calling me mindless/cringeworthy AND to everyone who keeps commenting about how I was rude to vegans with this, I'm sorry. I didn't know how it worked in the past.)

OMG HEY GUYS! TY SO MUCH FOR ALL OF THE REMIXES I LOVE U ALL!! Omg this greaaat thing happened!! On February 4th 2015 we hit...... 1000 REMIXES OMG TY

Don't abuse animals!! Omg.... This is been a huge hit, thank you everybody for commenting and remixing!!


*Warning this was old so don't read it*

OK GUYS I MAKE A HUGE MISTAKE, PETA IS GOOD!! I added an angel PETA now. Ignore the below vvvv (I won't delete it because I remember working hard on writing it XD)

PETA says they're good but, they are really not. Once I got my first dog, Peanut I was searching through the internet for dog coughing videos. We found out that Peanut has a Kennel Cough but it's not so serious. I found this video and then I saw this video named "PETA Animal Cruelty - Food Inc Movie Health Sanitation Abuses - Go Vegetarian or Vegan" I watched it and found out that PETA was evil!!
I was so shocked, so that's why I added the little devil cat thing.


February 4th 2015, 1000 remixes.

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