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Controls are "A" for "ASSEMBLE", "D" for "DUPLICATE", "F" for "FLY", "G" for "GIANT", "S" for "SHRINK", "W" for "WRESTLE."

Notes and Credits

This is a random adventure game designed to be used with the MaKey MaKey. Heavily inspired by "Switch!" AKA "Panic!" for Sega CD.

This game is a WIP and may glitch out when you try to wrestle.

Moon stage now features all actions on the moon.

This was made for an adopt-a-MaKey-idea challenge on the MaKey MaKey forums: http://bit.ly/14rIUA8

This is called "OPERATION: WIRE LOOP" because it is a weird variation of wire loop games and the game Operation.

This game works with a custom controller where players close circuits by touching pieces on a cardboard robot we have named Circuit Bendy. Or Circuit Bendy can be controlled by just using the keyboard :)

See the "real life" DIY Circuit Bendy here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGmWAY_gSQg

Backgrounds: Scratch 1.4 demo backgrounds
Circuit Bendy, some sprites: me
Most sprites: Scratch 1.4 demo sprites
Music: smalltortoise
Sounds: Scratch 1.4 demo sounds

Feel free to remix for any of the (very basic and flawed) game mechanics, to make a new Circuit Bendy game (or a game for your own robot/character), to adjust anything, to make cheese roll around the screen instead and eat all the sprites, or whatever else you want to do. I'll enjoy any and all remixes!

Comment with info about your own character/Circuit Bendy/twist and I'll add it in here.

2.0 will mainly mean more places to go, more things to do, a storyline with multiple outcomes, custom non-demo graphics and sounds, and multiple characters. Comment with requests for 2.0 and I'll add stuff in here, too.

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