Bird Simulator - Griffin Ravine

See inside

I've given you three points to spend to start off.

When hunting, animals won't run away unless you are low to the ground, however you can only catch them when they are low to the ground. So plan your approach carefully. One arrow gives 1 point. Animals stick together until under threat - they will then separate.

Left arrow - Rotate left
Right arrow - Rotate right
Up arrow - Fly higher
Down arrow - Fly lower
1 - Speed up (only to max speed)
2 - Slow down (can't stop completely or you'll fall to your death!)
S - Open/close shop
M - Map (once bought) + To close press any arrow key.
N - Night vision (once bought)
F - Change formation (Hatchlings, once bought)

Notes and Credits

Fly through the skies as a bird. Chase down prey and earn points to make the game even more fun. Explore Griffin Ravine, my Photoshop created map. It's 10 by 10 which is 4800px by 3600px , which is 100 times bigger than the scratch screen! Day and night cycles occur naturally in the game. Enjoy!

Thanks to "NoChutney" for help with the prey AI.

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