by Sky01
See inside

◒◓◒Arrow keys to move◒◓◒
This is one of those games where you can go inside of things and reverse everything to get around difficult obstacles.
Stand on the ground and press SPACE to do just that!

◑Get to the spinny triangle to advance
◑Turn on/off blur by pressing "b"
◑If you get stuck, press "r"
◑Turn on/off music with "m"

Notes and Credits

The hardest levels are definitely the tree and the eye.
✜Curated✜ 12-28-14! Thank you @Peeta34 !

2K Views! 200 Love-Its! Awesome!

✜Thank you @Wes64 for the platforming engine! (see http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/2567167/ )
✜Song used: Lost in the Woods by @PaulRHJT. Free to download at his profile, along with other great original songs!

✜All graphics drawn by me, with the exception of the triangle goal (designed by Wes64) and the logos at the beginning and end (which came from flamingtext.com )

✜Hopefully I got rid of a couple glitches. Let me know if it still freezes after pressing space.

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