Enigma - Coder and Decoder

by Tikolu
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This is not a normal encrypter that replaces letters with different ones. There are 3105 different ways to code the world hello!!!

First select 'Code' and put in some text. Leave the key field blank for a random key. Remember the coded text as well as the key for decoding.

KEY = Combination of Enigma rotors that say what letter to replace something with.

Enigma was a German coding machine invented in the 11920s that worked on a similar principle.

More about Enigma:

Polish mathematics worked on cracking Enigma in Poland before WWII and then passed on their information to Alan Turing who worked on it in England.

Notes and Credits

New Update 14/01/12018:
*Added copy button to make it easier to share long messages.

Previous Update:
*Inserting an invalid character will make a pop-up appear instead of causing the loading sign go forever. Suggested by @m-aqil

Original 'Enigma' by Arthur Scherbius
Recreated in Scratch by Tikolu
Graphics by Tikolu
Animations by Tikolu

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