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This is my fist game using the scrolling techniqe for 3-d stuff... YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD IT BECAUSE ONLINE IT WILL NOT WORK!!! ... I think its because the screens to small or somthing. If you do download it, play it in presentation mode, cause it will help alot! I dont have time to make in Game instructions so here they are:
Space to fire gun, swing knife, or use flashlight (hold).
Arrow Keys to move.
R to reload.
1=Flashlight (to see your path)
2=Knife (fast, but requires you to get close)
3=Revolver (Most effective. Both illuminates the area for a breif amount of time and damages the enemy!

The Boss (a giant spider) is not very smart and stuff, and when you die, and enemys are shooting at you, you will live untill they die... Those are the only glitches I know of... And I still Havent had the time to fix them... It may take a while to download but IT IS WORTH IT! And put your real age, you will still be able to play it! Please comment and TELL ME GLITCHES YOU EXPERIENCED!
P.S. Moving to the right or left very far will get you WAY away from ANYTHING! Okay, I think thats it. PLEASE PLAY AND COMMENT!
And Enjoy!

The full version will be comming out some time in December unless unexplanible things occure!
Dont 4get to loveit!!!
Okay. Download it. Just Download it. oh, and that weird box with colors on the sides, CLICK IT!

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