F1 2013

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This is F1 2013. It is the next game in my F1 game series, which started in 2011 and has gathered about 2600 views so far. Please check the previous versions out too. F1 2012 link: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/prokohtu/2817558

Instructions for the game are inside the menu.

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Copyright © 2013 by Prokohtu.
Everyone who copies the game as his/her own project will be reported to the Scratch team
New features:
- System for invalidating laps
- Introduction
- Music; nasty engine sound removed
- Completely reworked and redesigned circuits
- Update of all cars
- Pause and layer system bug fixes
- Scrolling bug fixed
- Game speed fine-tuning
- Minor menu improvements
(Scroll to the bottom for all features)
Works best in offline presentation mode.
Thanks to everyone commenting on F1 2012, all of you helped for the better quality of this game!
Credit to soiu for the base of the steering script! Thanks!
Thanks to Borrego for his help on the development
F1 cover and introduction image – original by Craig Scarborough, used with permission
Music: Queen of Stone Age - No One Knows (Unkle Remix)
**I do NOT own the rights of the song**
- All tracks and cars
- Car settings, tire choice + KERS and DRS
- Weather
- Toolbar with speed, lap times, gear, revs, KERS and DRS
- Pause
- Working pit-stops

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