Tiny Fun Farm!

remixed by Squeakwee
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All art belongs to Squeakwee Productions

Click your apple tree or carrot plot to grow crops. Wait 10 seconds for it to grow and then wait another 10 seconds for your crops to completely grow. You can also get milk from your cow every 60 seconds.
Then click your barn to sell your crops and get Tiny $. You can also get honey every 5 minutes with the beehive. Click the wheat flour windmill to put wheat in it and make wheat flour to sell.

Every 30 seconds, you can pick your grapes off your grapevine. Then every 1 minute your chicken can lay a single egg to sell. You can get 250 Tiny $ when you sell it.
To feed your cow wheat flour, click her and type in "y" to feed her. Every 60 seconds your sheep can make wool and then you can sell it.

Every 1 minute you can make bacon from your pig and every 20 seconds Helen the Delivery Horse will bring you a gift of 5 fruits each.
Every 1 minute, you can get goat milk from your goat.

Notes and Credits (added by Squeakwee)

Next update expected: i'm never going to update this again sorry
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Welcome to Tiny Fun Farm!

Music credit goes to Cajun Tunes Peak Fiddler
Art credit goes to Squeakwee Productions
Levi Dobrinski's Christmas Fiddle. (Only available for Christmas.
Fiddle Birthday song: Vi "The Fiddle" Wickam
Cajun Style Fiddle Tune - Old Trevor by Peakfiddler

Egg Hatcher
New Cheese Maker 3000 (Under construction)
Donkey to make Leather
Cow eating what flour (Yumbacon's idea)
Chicken laying eggs
Sheep to make wool
Pig Bacon (Epictoothpaste's idea)
Horse to deliver 5 fruit
Goat to make goat milk
Bunny Ears (Easter)
Hidden egg (Easter)
Easter Basket (Easter)
Mother's Day Banner (Mother's Day)
Flower Pot
Redrew the Chicken
Made the Piggy cuter
Redid the Sheep
Redid the Donkey
Made Options for Pig (click on it)
Made Options for Chicken (click on it)

Features coming soon:
Chicks (7/21/17 i MIGHT be adding these but idk. )

Updates every week/month!

Glitches found and are planning to fix:
None at the moment!


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