Scratch Cards Test 9

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*NOTE: I am wedsnedaytest - I'm moving accounts!
Scratch Cards Test 9
This is a series of tests/updates on an upcoming game.
Please don't comment about it not working, I am still working on it and it isn't done. :)
1. Do you know of any music that I could use for this game?

2. Do you think I'm over-using the effects?

3. Do you have any suggestions or criticism?
Test 7:
- You may mute the repetitive music with the mute button! Drag it if it gets in your way, I'm still finding a good place for it.
- "View" your projects' stats. Not 100% done.
- The scratchcat sort of 'jiggles' in the tutorial. Fun?
- Sound effects! ;D
- Glitch fixes, minor improvements, etc
Test 6:
- Some music, taken from the sample music. I know it's not very good :P It won't be the final music.
- 2 projects support (you get 2 project cards to try it out!)
- View menu (stats don't show yet)
- New card images for Art, Games and Books
- Continued tutorial. It ends at selecting 'Stats' from the view menu.
Test 5:
There is now a working close button for create a project, a views and loveits count, and the tutorial has been continued to where you need to open the view screen. Your project will get views and love-its at a steady rate.. for now.
Test 4:
You can now create projects! You can select a type of project, eg. Game, Art. Different types will have different card images. For now, there is only a music type graphic though. The tutorial stops at this point. You can't close the create screen either.
Test 3:
Tutorial is continued some more. You can get up to the point where you must view your cards.


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