Can YOU hit a home run? 2D Baseball Problem

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Click the green flag and proceed with the representation of this problem: Home run hitter Buster Posey recently enrolled in a physics class with hopes of improving his baseball performance with science. He needs to know the minimum velocity the ball needs to leave his bat at to hit a home run (clear the fence) under a certain set of conditions. Given that the fence is 376 feet away, the height of the pitch is the same height as the fence (assume the pitch is thrown in a straight line), the total time elapsed in the air is 4.856 seconds, and the angle of elevation off the ground is 45 degrees, what does the minimum initial velocity of the ball need to be to clear the fence? You will need to convert the gravity constant to feet per second squared (1in=2.54cm). Type your answer in the provided section below the screen (disregard units with the answer you input, and it needs to be ≤ 117 ft/s to stay on the screen). This program will show you whether your answer is correct or incorrect with a 2D representation of this very problem.

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