The attack of the maniac librarian game

by brinjal
See inside

Use the left and right arrow keys to move, up to jump, down to abort a jump (in mid air) or duck (on the ground) avoid axes, and try not to fall off the screen.

Notes and Credits

I have just done a bugfix update which changes the way battleaxes in the floor work. Hopefully they should not knock you out, not make you permenantly invincible! Please notify me of any NEW glitches I have created!

A game based on the song "the attack of the maniac librarian" by the band "Kenny Young and the Eggplants" Check them out:

I made this game a while ago, but recently looked back on it and though "I could have done much better than that" so I made a complete remake of it, with the following fantastic features:

* Menu and instructions

* Intro and two seperate ending animations (one for winning and one for losing)

* Custom drawn eggplant sprites

* Redone battleaxes!

* Made easier with duck and abort jump features

* Made harder with battleaxes embedded in the ground!

* And more...

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