Adventure Time: Another World - Level 1

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HEY EVERYBODY! GUESS WHO'S BACK! :D :D :D PLEASE NOTE: For the best gaming experience, wait to do certain actions (i.e. moving, jumping or attacking) until the game prompts you to do so. It will work best. Also, both the sound and the game itself will be higher quality if you download it and put it into presentation mode. The sound online is really really not math.
SO. On a non-businessy-note.

YAY ADVENTURE TIME! Mathematical! My family and I recently discovered Adventure Time (please don't make fun of us because we're several years late to the party. We don't watch live television) and we've been hooked ever since. Literally. Like, we blew threw all five seasons in maybe three and a half weeks.

You might be wondering who the music composer is. Look no further - I did the composing! I recorded all the songs you hear in this game right on my laptop. Of course, the song that plays during gameplay is a cover of Marceline the Vampire Queen's "Fry Song," but it's the extended edition that was performed by the songwriter, Rebecca Sugar. I basically just recorded a synthier/more video-game friendly version that could play behind the game. Also in the project is an instrumental cover of the song "Bacon Pancakes," but it didn't end up in the final version of the game.

Of course, new levels will be coming soon. I've already started work on level 2, and it should be online soon. However, I am moving across the country next week so it might not get done quite so fast. Then again, I'll have a lot of time to kill.

Anyways, let me know what you think of my game, and if you have any ideas for what should happen in the next levels, please let me know!

(Also, you might want to translate Lady Rainicorn's lines. Just sayin'.)

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