Learn Scratch in 10 Minutes

See inside

This is a little tutorial I made in 2 days.
It will guide you through scratch and help you learn the basics
in just 10 minutes!

Press the space bar, click or press the right arrow to go on!

What you will learn:
- The structure of a scratch project
- The different block categories and how you use it
- The different block shapes and in which cases you have to use them

Use the space bar to end the pen part and c to clear

Notes and Credits

The music is from the DS game Wario Ware D.I.Y.

The Scratch Wiki: http://wiki.scratch.mit.edu
The Scripts Workshop: http://scratch.mit.edu/studios/349206

If you find spelling/ grammar errors, please point them out :)

OMG! Thank you so much for Featuring! :) I never had 456 messages at once ;)

Over 1000 favorites and likes! This is awesome! ^-^/

Woah! :O 2000 likes, 1700 favs, 124 remixes and in 342 studios I'm so glad, that you like this project that much :)

Download the Typewriter script here: http://bit.ly/11OfzjP
Just upload this sprite in the scratch editor :)

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