Super Mario Elements- Kingdom Chronicles I Part 1 by Diamond Axe Studios

remixed by DiamondAxeStudios
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Right/Left: Move
UP: Jump
Z: Run
X: Physical Attack
C: Element Attack
V: Accept new Sprite

The mysterious Alpha Comet has passed over the Mushroom Kingdom, and Bowser is harnessing it's energy to summon foes from alternate dimensions. By combining with the Element Sprite, Mario must use the power of the four elements to stop Bowser's evil plan.

As this project turned out to be MUCH more data than I had intended, it will be presented in 4 parts. On the World Select screen, you will see a code based off how many crystals you have earned so far. Input that code into Part 2 of this project to play it.

MOVING- Mario moves left to right while on the ground or in the air. Mario cannot move while attacking, although he can start an attack while moving.

JUMPING- Mario jumps in the air. Mario cannot start attacks while in the air, except the Air Kick by pressing X. The air kick will also give Mario an upward boost that he can use to get to high places. Mario can also jump on top of all enemies, though this will only damage certain foes.

RUNNING- Lets Mario move at twice the speed while in the air or on the ground. Mario cannot start attacks while running.

PHYSICAL ATTACKS- Physical attacks hit the area in front of Mario, doing damage to most enemies they hit and knocking most enemies back a bit. While on the ground, Mario can do the Melle Combo, which consists of two punches and a kick, by holding down the X button. Mario can also do an Air Kick by pressing X in the air. While he has a Cape, the melle attack does more damage in one hit as opposed to three, and his attacks are enhanced by Element Powerups.

ACCEPTING SPRITES- When an enemy is killed, it will drop an Element Sprite that has a color corresponding to its element. While touching that sprite, Mario can press V to accept the help of that sprite. Mario will produce smoke and sparks with the Fire Sprite, water drops with the Water Sprite, clouds of dust with the Earth Sprite, and puffs of air with the Air Sprite.

ELEMENT POWERS- Mario can do Element Attacks by pressing C while he has an Element Sprite. These generally have longer range or do more damage than physical attacks.

FIRE POWERS- With a Fire Sprite, Mario can shoot a long-range fireball with the Element Attack, and will shoot moderatet-ranged and deadly burst of fire with his cape.

WATER POWERS- With the Water Sprite, Mario can shoot waterballs that have a downward arc but erupt into an upward guiser when they hit anything. It also gives Mario a short ranged but devastating tsunami with his cape attack.

EARTH POWERS- With the Earth Sprite, Mario shoots a fissure along the ground in front of him. It only hits ground enemies but does massive damage. With a swing of the cape, Mario will shoot fissures to both sides of him, though with shorter range.

AIR POWERS: With the Air Sprite, Mario can press C while airborn to do a tornado jump and gain incredible height. Swinging his cape will also cause a tornado to come out and back to Mario like a boomerang.

Notes and Credits (added by DiamondAxeStudios)

"Best Mario game EVER!! THIS IS AWESOME!"

"Wow, best mario game I've seen in a while :)"


"awsome game cool graphics!" -Ricochet1136

Credits: Nintendo, TheShyGuyKingdom, Oldskoolmario, Ashimura, TheSuperGuideGames, kd60qf, Funnyman1120, Analon, Person2, Forme1,

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