Random Walk on a Sphere (clones)

remixed by twins_paradox
See inside

Please run in TURBO MODE!
(press SHIFT key while clicking on Green Flag at the top)
Press the number keys ( 0 - 9 )!!
## UPDATED! ## ### Improved Walker Types! ##
## CloneCount Bug Fix!! ## ## second CloneCount Bug fixed ##

Click LOVE IT !!

Press keys: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, or 0 to create Sphere walker clones.
Hold the down-arrow key while pressing the above keys to delete the clone.

Each Sphere Walker clone has its own walking behavior:
1 - twine
2 - straw
3 - circles
4 - squares
5 - triangles
6 - scribbles
7 - crooked
8 - Grid
9 - garland
0 - sticks

Notes and Credits (added by twins_paradox)

This is a re-write of a project I did before clones were available.
I converted it to use clones. I also changed how it does color, now using RGB color, which shows a greater range.

MasterOfArithmetic just made me aware of a site that converts scratch (Flash) code into javaScript. it seems to run much, much faster! Some Scratch projects get errors when converting, I have seen, though. The site URL is:
I made a conversion page for this project here:
it runs super fast!!

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