Scratch Viewer- Puffin Web V1.2 IOS

by co13
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Notes and Credits

Disclaimer: The app says it is for people 17 and up, however do not go on the "bad stuff". Use it for only useful things like scratch. I am not responsible if anything bad happens to you. Also go to settings (the app), puffin, then click erase all data, then press the power button on the top of your device then slide the red slider, then turn it back on. This is to clear all data. Pressing reset to factory settigs doesn't clear all the data by itself. However you should press it so your privacy is protected. I'm not sure if it clears bookmarks. I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong or if you get introuble. However this is still a very useful app.
Featured: Feb 2013.
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Highest # of views and love-its since early 2011 (since I started scratching). I wish an AMAZING (GREAT) THANKS! to all of the scratchers that viewed this.

Closed: The updates for the Puffin project are close since the project is no longer on the home page. Sorry scratchers, I don't see the point in making updates if no-one will see it. I think the update was useful to you enough anyways. Thanks scratchers! This is my #1 Viewed project w/the exception of T.R. Chat and this is my most loved project w/the exception of "The Extreme Hotdog" (20 love-its) on my unused account "Extremeguy". SCRATCH ON!!!!

Update5: This isn't a update for this project. I can't make the update on 1.4 right now. See:

Update4: The 2.0 version of this will have updates as well as this project, but not all of the project's notes will be updated there, until I make the final version. Get the app here:

Update3: This is a disapointing update, but I have to say it anyways I postponed the update to sometime next week passed wednesday. The update includes these stuff: proof of featured project on both sites (its so I remember it was featured, extended tutorial, which includes the settings page. I might throw an interactive in there if the project is still featured by then. The interactive will be in V1.4 or later if this isn't featured anymore. That also means I won't update it to 1.4 next week. Anyways I hope you like V1.3. After V1.4 is made, I will only continue to make updates if thejuki's remix is featured. Tell the scratch team to feature the remix!!!! The link is under "Update2", Thanks-co13. Here's the full puffin site:

Update2: Project updated to v1.2. Project will be updated to V1.3. Soon. Remix made by thejuki:

Update1: Featured THANKS!!!! ScratchTeam!!! and Paddle2See who told the scratch team about this!!!! This is great for me, I actual got a homepage project on the 1.4 site, right before 2.0 site officially came out! An update will be made soon! Thanks again!!!

The 1st Scratch Viewer App. All credit to I have no part in making it, and I don't earn any of the profites cloudmosa makes. I just wanted to let scratchers know there is a scratchviewer for mobile devices out there. Hope this helps!

Images: (screenshots from the browser).

Programming: Me (co13).

Note: Updates won't be availible on the 2.0 site, until this project gets tranfered to the full 2.0 site once it is finished. If you want to view this project there, you'll have to use V1.0. Don't worry, major updates won't be made to this project, only minor onces once in a while.

UpdateV1.1: Puffin Icon page edited, and a couple of words added. Now it is easier to read.

Update V1.2: Alternative title screen added. Suggested by Paddle2See. Paddle said that the full story was hard to read, and you (I) should make "space for next slide" more clear. You can still view the full story if you want, now there is an option to skip it.

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