Fairies and Dragons REMASTERED

remixed by epninja
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Please press CTRL (CMD for mac) and M to fix the graphics.

A graphically remastered make of Fairies and Dragons!
A classic Scratch game of mine I thought deserved a remake to see it's true glory.
I tweaked the gameplay a bit, in how you and the dragons moved. The game I believe is a bit harder because I got rid of the random bits where the dragon would be stuck in the sides.
With all new spriting and drawing skills, the game is a delight to the eyes!

This project really shows how much progress I have gone through with my time here on Scratch.
Original project: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/epninja/2047241

I've got stealers already... Anyone planning to steal, it's a very bad idea... trust me...
I'm fine with remixes, if you maybe take the engine, how it works and make your own game. But I DON'T want you to just take the whole project as your own. That's very lazy, so shame on you! It's proven that stolen projects don't get as popular as the original, so don't even try.

Well, it's all about cleverly trying to get the enemy touching the sword without the dragon touching Dael, just the sword. Try flying, going slightly to the left/right of the dragon, dropping straight down missing the dragon but the sword still touches the dragon, then flying back up. The technique just needs getting used to. People have beaten it.

Arrow keys- Move

Music is Requiem by Slava Hord. It is an amazing song. The music doesn't fit at first, but the later parts of the song once you get to the later stage of the game, this song fits so well, and is amazing.

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Another of Northmeister's prestigious Scratcher of The Month! I wonder who you will vote for?

My Competition! If you want a part in my final project!

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Note: The technique Haep gives you during the final battle only applies to the older version of the game. Trust me, following it will be dealing yourself more damage than the enemy. Find your own technique.

I will post below the top ten people who got the most health after beating the Queen:

(Doesn't count cos I'm the creator and of course I know the perfect technique)

DerpSensei101: 1100 (Perfect score!)
XxxcrushskullxxX: 860

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