Attack of the Frogs!

remixed by IEAIAEIO
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At the beginning, click the button that says "Attack of the Frogs!". The point of the game is to catch the frogs after they have touched the ground. To do this you have to click them. Espanlol: Clicca sulle rane, dopo di toccare il suolo.

There are officially 401 species of frogs because there are striped and non-striped one which color spans 1 to 200, and there is a secret frog that is actually hard to catch. Try and find it! _meow_ Also, thanks to Miafan2010 for the music. _meow_

Notes and Credits (added by IEAIAEIO)

FEATURED PROJECT! On 2/1/13. _meow_

9th on the Most Loved Page! _meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow_ Please click the love it button!

I'm the 2000th viewer!
And the 2013th, how weird is that.
Also, thanks to Miafan2010 for the music. _meow_

The art I made myself. _meow_ You can download the costumes and use them in your games. _meow_

The amount of views for this project skyrocketed between 2000 and 4000 thousand views for some odd reasons. I didn't even get a change to see 3000!

Also, I give a lot of appreciation to my friend OrcaCat who helped me fix some glitches. But even more importantly, he featured this project and that is why it is popular.

This is the final product of this game and I am not going to update it anymore (I did it about 15 times already _meow_).

Collect em' all! _meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow__meow_

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